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Why invest in language classes when free mobile apps can teach you to speak Spanish fluently? Check out top 10 best apps to learn Spanish picked by BonAdvisor.



A few weeks ago, the editorial team was invited to the wedding of a friend living in Alicante, Spain. We of course jumped on the occasion, just to visit this country known for harboring the best beach in Europe . Having for only image of the thing the magnificent beach which borders the Spanish coastal city, we quickly decayed once there when we noticed that to walk the streets of Alicante, the use of the Spanish language was an imperative; rare to find locals fluent in French. Back in France and after some more or less smashing courting failures, we logically decided to take Spanish classes, in anticipation of a possible trip to the Basque neighbor next summer.

In order to share with you the applications that we use at the moment, here is our ranking of the 10 best applications to learn Spanish!

# 1. Babbel

Babbel was created in 2007, and the application allows you to learn Spanish and a dozen other languages ​​online and has established itself as one of the leaders in the field!

Its Spanish version offers indeed to train you in Spanish, while transparency. You will have the opportunity to impress your Mexican, Spanish and Colombian friends.

With a fun interface, Babbel is gaining notoriety from year to year, and offers for learning two training modules: vocabulary or tools. Whether you enjoy a basic or advanced level in Spanish, Babbel’s mission is to make you a perfect bilingual. To do this, the application uses interactive activities based on oral and written exercises, and a very simple method that recalls the translator of yesteryear: a word in French and its translation into Spanish.

Only downside, although very complete this application Babbel is paying, and at the price because it will cost a few 9.95 euros per month or 59.40 euros per year after the first free lesson, to continue learning.

# 2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an essential application in the world of language learning. Whether it’s Spanish or another of your favorite languages, Duolingo is the Swiss army knife for language learning. This application is default in French once installed on your smartphone, and uses small fun games to teach you the language of your choice, which in this case is Spanish. To do this, you will have the opportunity to improve vocabulary, conjugation and grammar, punctuation and listening comprehension.

Well structured, the learning evolves gradually over the missions assigned to you within the application. The level of difficulty increasing proportionally. This method will help you understand the most difficult terms of the Spanish language in a short space of time.

Completely free (no in-app purchases), Duolingo also has a backup tool that will make learning easy in a variety of formats. Indeed, you can start an exercise on your tablet to complete it on the smartphone, and this regardless of the operating system embedded in the terminal.

# 3. Busuu

Busuu has also established itself in the landscape of language learning applications. Indeed, weighing only a few megabytes and completely free, this application offers courses like school, which will provide you with notions of vocabulary and grammar, dialogues in format of stories to read or audio documents that will facilitate the understanding of the phonetics of words.

As was the case for its English version, here also 150 themes are addressed in 3000 unique phrases to read and listen to. From everyday life to more professional and serious topics, Busuu is the perfect coaching tool for Duolingo, even though learners at the intermediate level can use it to improve their knowledge.

# 4. memrise

Summer is coming soon, and holidays are an opportunity to travel, visit the country, learn new languages ​​to make new friends and acquaintances. Memrise is an application that will help you learn Spanish fluently. Indeed, Memrise is a learning tool based on the use of vocabulary cards that you will have to memorize little by little by repeating them according to certain time intervals.

These maps are created and enriched by the user community. Free and without any in-app purchases, this app is a great start-up tool, or the perfect companion for your next England or Scotland getaways next month.

If you had planned to make hearts fall on the beach of Ibiza soon, you will double your chances by embedding in your vocabulary some local words, and Memrise is the ideal tool for that.

# 5. Learn Spanish by Bravolol

Once is not customary, Bravolol offers us again this year an update of its flagship application, to learn Spanish. Indeed, “Learn Spanish by Bravolol” includes more than 800 expressions and terms in Spanish for travelers and beginners.

Thanks to its virtual repeater, the application will familiarize you with the listening and everyday use of Spanish. To do this, the application has a glossary of commonly used expressions in Spanish, authentic pronunciation courses, and a voice recorder allows you to practice pronunciation. Different aspects of everyday life are discussed, from food to travel, through a revision of the fundamentals, namely the most innocuous sentences and words, the date, the time … essential for traveling.

# 6. MindSnacks

MindSnacks is an application that is intended for an audience of all ages. Indeed, whether you are 6 or 8 years old, 9 or 11 years old, 12 years old or older, you will find your account. The application comes in the form of a game in which you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish, read and speak.

The app has a total of 24 challenges to win, which revolve around 50 lessons to master and a reserve of 1500 words to remember to improve your level of Spanish. Developed by an American start-up based in San Francisco, MindSnacks offers real brain gymnastics for the good cause!

# 7. FluentU

FluentU is the application most in line with his time in our ranking. Indeed, it breaks with the codes of learning by simply proposing to learn Spanish through podcasts and other formats of digital information. It is therefore the most novel application of our ranking.

Several types of tools are available within FluentU, ranging from videos to fairly vulgar subjects such as music videos, to more squares like news and commercials. This type of training addresses one of the problems of language learning. Indeed, after days and days of learning, when put in real situation, one rarely has whites during the phases of conversations.

To help you go step by step, each video has a detailed script in English and Spanish, so that you know which term means this or that. Only downside, as in the air of his time the application has a cost, since only the first two weeks of use are free, it will then pay you 15 € per month or 120 € per year to continue have access.

# 8. SpeakEasy Spanish

SpeakEasy Spanish is another modern application for learning the language. It offers fast memory cards, dealing with more than writing and reading words in more than 160 themes. This application is daunting if you are thinking of going to Spain soon, you will have the ability to hold a summary conversation without much trouble.

# 9. Spanish Nemo

Intended primarily for users who already have a certain basic Spanish, Nemo Spanish will help you improve your use of the neighboring language. Multi-platform, the application offers audio features to perfect your accent using recordings. It is also intended for those planning an upcoming stay in Spain, to become familiar with the pronunciation as soon as possible.

# 10. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a juggernaut of learning applications of Spanish, as for other foreign languages. Indeed, this small multi-platform application provides courses in a method that has proven scientifically, spaced repetition. The app’s mission is to help you memorize words using vocabulary exercises.

To do this, MosaLingua uses some 3,000 cards with words and key phrases that are repeated you unexpectedly in the course of your evolution in levels to help you remember the most words possible.

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