Top 9 Things to Do in Brittany – 2018

It is difficult to summarize in one article all the wonders that Brittany offers. Its rich historical heritage and atypical landscapes will seduce you. Ramparts, castles and churches will delight lovers of architecture and history while gardens, forests, beaches and vertiginous cliffs will satisfy lovers of nature and outdoor sports in search of a feeling of freedom. Prepare your future holidays by discovering top 9 things to do in Brittany . And there is the choice: Welcome to Breizh!


Pink Granite Coast – Ploumanac’h Lighthouse – © BERTHIER Emmanuel CRTB

Ploumanac’h is a small village located in the town of Perros-Guirec in the Cotes d’Armor and has been designated a favorite village of the French . Such craze is explained in particular by the steep rocks it houses. These huge rocks of pink granite along the coast and carved by nature for hundreds of millions of years take all kinds of fascinating and irregular shapes that leave visitors as intrigued as impressed. In all, the site covers 25 hectares of imposing rocks some of which reach twenty meters high. To discover absolutely on the Sentier des Douaniers and whatever the weather conditions.


The ramparts of Saint-Malo – © LE GAL Yannick CRTB

This granitic protection surrounding the town of Saint-Malo was built in the 12 th century and largely rebuilt in the 18 th century. This emblem of Brittany held up well against the bombardments of the Second World War and was the worthy representative of the region during the TV show ”  The favorite monument of the French  “. The visit of the entire ramparts takes about an hour and can be completed by a stop in one of the surrounding restaurants.

Paimpont forest

Forest of Brocéliande in Paimpont – © BERTHIER Emmanuel CRTB

Located in Ille-et-Vilaine and extending over 9000 hectares, the forest is often likened to the forest of Brocéliande , theater of the legend of King Arthur.

The site remains full of magic in its moors and ponds and it is easy to imagine Merlin the Enchanter to be profiled before our eyes at every corner of the vast forest.

It is made up of a high forest in the west culminating at more than 250 meters of altitude and a low forest covered with oaks (in particular the oak of Guillotin) and beech trees, ideal for peaceful hikes. Brittany offers many hiking trails. The GR24 is also one of the most beautiful coastal paths in France.

Crozon Peninsula

Fishing on foot – Crozon Peninsula – © TORSET Pierre CRTB

The Crozon peninsula is located at the western tip of Brittany, she faces Brest and offers about 120 kilometers of coastline to enjoy the pleasures of fishing on foot. When the tidal coefficients are favorable, the Freight Strike is invaded by the amateurs of the discipline come collect some shells and other crustaceans scattered here and there. A good deal of caution, as well as advance information on weather conditions and local tide times are strongly recommended.


Needles of Port-Coton – © LE GAL Yannick CRTB

Located in the town of Bangor on the coast of Belle-Ile-en-Mer in Morbihan, the needles of Port-Coton are shale marine rocks carved by the ocean . The show of beauty is best admired on foot under the glow of the sun gradually disappearing. The visit has enough to help you relax thanks to the purity of the sea air and a setting that invites relaxation and serenity.

The most beautiful castles of Brittany: Fort la Latte

Fort la Latte – © LECUILLIER Guillaume CRTB

Brittany, like many regions of France, enjoyed a certain prosperity during the Middle Ages, a prosperity that reaches us today through sumptuous castles.

Installed on a rock, the Fort la Latte in the Cotes d’Armor borders the sea and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The castle was built in the 14 th century but has been fully completed at the end of four centuries.

Castle of Josselin – © BERTHIER Emmanuel CRTB

Located in the Morbihan, the Josselin castle defies time for nearly 10 centuries. The beautifully landscaped interiors bear the imprint of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The castle is owned by the family of Rohan who was once one of the most influential in the region.

The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany takes place right in the middle of the city center of Nantes, it was notably the home of Anne of Brittany.

The most beautiful beaches of Brittany

Herlin Beach – © LE GAL Yannick CRTB

The beach of Grandes Sables seduces not its appearance of tropical beach with its fine white sand but the magnificent cliffs are there to remember that it is indeed Brittany. It is located on the island of Groix northwest of Belle-Ile-en-Mer in Morbihan.

The beach Herlin Belle-Ile-en-Mer is also surrounded by high cliffs and is characterized by clear water and fine sand. Bathing is supervised during the months of July and August.

The Trévignon beach is located at the southern end of Trégunc in Finistère. The beach is adorned with fine sand and its waters take on a turquoise hue under the effect of the sun.

The garden of Thabor

Thabor Garden – © BERTHIER Emmanuel CRTB

Not far from the city center of Rennes, this park spread over more than ten hectares is a mixture of a French garden, an English garden and a botanical garden . The rose gardens, greenhouses and aviaries conquer daily many visitors who come to find peace and wonder. When the weather is mild, the park lends itself to a picnic with family or couple or just slow walks. Children will find their account with the many games dedicated to them.

The most beautiful churches and cathedrals of Brittany

Saint-Corentin Cathedral of Quimper – © PIRIOU Jacqueline CRTB

The Cathedral Saint-Corentin is located in the city center of Quimper in Finistère. Its construction was started in the 13 th century and has experienced many trial and error before ending under the Second Empire. The colossal cathedral impresses by its dimensions and its arrows 75 meters high . It is undoubtedly a real architectural jewel.

The Cathedral of St Samson of Dol-de-Bretagne is located in the small village of Dol-de-Bretagne Ille-et-Vilaine. Gothic in style, this cathedral is equally impressive in its dimensions and has magnificent stained glass windows .

Cloister of St. Tugdual Cathedral – © LAMBART Norbert CRTB

The St-Tugdual Cathedral in the Gothic style is at Tréguier and was built during the 14 th and 15th centuries . As for the other two cathedrals, this one also has important dimensions and amazes the visitors by its sublime cloister .

Photo credits: The photos illustrating the article were provided by the Regional Tourism Committee of Brittany.

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Top 9 Things to Do in Brittany – 2018
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