The snake soup in Hong Kong

Enjoy this Hong Kong snake soup

To warm up the winter (13 ° C min ..) in Hong Kong, the locals eat soup that is not found here: the snake soup .

Maybe you would not want more of a local chicken soup or a pasta bowl to warm your stomach, but in Hong Kong you can not miss the traditional snake soup, which many consider a dish refined.

In many Hong Kong stores you can find snake soup made from snakes imported directly from China already chopped and frozen. This is not ideal and if you are looking for a little in the city, you can have it fresh! There are even some restaurants where you choose your snake behind a window and then enjoy the animal.

The snake meat, once cleared of its skin, is like fish flesh with a pale pink color. Then lightly cooked in boiling water, the flesh becomes pale white and can be likened to chicken.

Those who have tested this traditional soup often agree that the taste is similar to chicken!

The Chinese have many beliefs about snakes and especially that it is an animal that has many healing properties and so it is good for the health to eat a good snake soup. The snake would help to remove muscle pain for example … To confirm;)

Have you ever tried snake soup in Hong Kong? Other exotic foods?

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