Road Trip in Martinique: Ultimate Itinerary for 7, 10 and 15 Days

Visit Martinique by car: 3 best road trip itineraries

Are you going on a road trip in Martinique?

Very good idea!

Visiting Martinique by car is certainly the best way to not miss any of the essentials of this Caribbean island. 

To help you organize your stay, I have prepared a summary of my 3 road trip itineraries depending on the duration of your trip to Martinique: 7, 10 or 15 days.

I also take this opportunity to give you advice and tips for renting a car in Martinique and my selection of the best hotels to sleep in during your stay.

At the end of the article, I also explain when to go to Martinique in order to know when is the best time to carry out your road trip.

Which airport to start a road trip in Martinique?

Well, it’s super simple, to start your road trip in Martinique, you won’t have a choice, you have to land at the only airport on the island: Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport.

It is located in the town of Lamentin, on the outskirts of the city of Fort-de-France. This is why the capital of the island constitutes for me the best starting point for your trip in Martinique.

So I chose to start all my routes to travel Martinique by car from there.

Rent a car for a road trip in Martinique

If you intend to go on a road trip to visit Martinique, you can imagine that you will need a vehicle.

The easiest way is to rent your car directly at the airport. This is where you will have the most possible choice in terms of rental companies (international and national) and more advantageous rates than the agencies in town.

Road trip in Martinique: one week

We start with this first circuit by car: a one-week road trip from Fort-de-France.

On the program for this 7-day road trip in Martinique: Trois -Ilets, the Route de la Trace, the most beautiful beaches , the Caravelle peninsula and the south of the island.

All the detailed information on this trip can be found in my other article, to read here: The best one-week itinerary in Martinique.

I’ll give you a little summary right here!

1) Fort de France (1 day)

First day – Arrival and walk in Fort-de-France.

Ideas for visits to do:

  • The fish market
  • The spice market
  • Fort Saint-Louis and its view of the bay
  • The central park.

2) Trois-Ilets (1 day)

For the second day of your 1-week road trip in Martinique, I suggest you spend the day in Trois-Ilets.

From Fort-de-France, all you have to do is take the maritime shuttle which goes back and forth between the 2. This will allow you to reach the most famous seaside resort on the island in a few minutes.

I particularly recommend that you visit the Savane des Esclaves, to discover a very important part of the island’s history. 15 traditional huts have been reconstructed there to explain the way of life of slaves on the plantations.

If you are a history buff, you can also visit the Domaine de la Pagerie, the birthplace of the wife of Napoleon 1st, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Then enjoy the joys of the beach: snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing. Les Trois-Ilets is also the ideal place for nautical activities (click on the links in orange for price details and to book):

  • A jet ski ride – Several durations to choose from: from 45 minutes to a full day.
  • An introduction to driving a jet ski
  • A kitesurf lesson  with a state-certified instructor
  • A windsurfing lesson
  • A snorkeling excursion  to explore the seabed and observe fish and corals.
Martinique itinerary - 10 days road trip
Pointe du Bout

3) La route de la Trace / Saint Pierre (1 day)

The next day ( third day), continue your one-week road trip in Martinique by taking the Route de la Trace.

Thirty km long and linking Fort-de-France to Morne-Rouge, it is considered one of the most beautiful roads on the island. There are plenty of great viewpoints.

You can also take the opportunity to visit the Jardin de Balata, the magnificent botanical garden of the island which will give you an excellent overview of the local fauna and flora.

In the afternoon, head for Saint-Pierre and its black sand beaches of volcanic origin.

4) Les Anses d’Arlet / Le Diamant (1 day)

For the fourth day, the program is very simple: enjoy some of the most famous beaches of the island, located towards Anses d’Arlet.

I am thinking in particular of Grande-Anse, Petite-Anse and Anse Noire. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel and you might even be able to spot sea turtles.

At the end of the day, after passing by Cap 110, a memorial dedicated to the victims of slavery, reach Le Diamant and more precisely Grande Anse du Diamant.

From the beach, you can watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in Martinique!

5) The Caravelle peninsula (1 day)

To continue this 7-day road trip in Martinique, today discover the East of the island. 

On this fifth day, a bit of hiking awaits you with the walking tour of the Caravelle peninsula. You will discover a multitude of different landscapes with passages through the mangrove, the prairie or the tropical forest.

I also recommend that you take advantage of being in the area to take a walk through Tartane, a pretty little fishing village, before giving yourself a little swim!

Martinique itinerary - 7 days road trip
Caravelle Peninsula, Martinique

6) The South of the island (2 days)

Finally, I suggest you spend the sixth and seventh day in the south of the island. 

Here are my suggestions for visits:

  • Sainte Luce
  • L’Anse Figuier
  • The Trois-Rivières distillery
  • Sainte-Anne and the Salines beach
  • L’Anse-Trabaud
  • The Savannah of Petrifications.


If you want a more detailed version of this one-week road trip in Martinique, I invite you to read our article: 6-7-8 day itinerary in Martinique.

Very practical, you will also find our advice and the hotels where to stay at each stage. It’s the best way to prepare your trip easily! 

Martinique itinerary - 7 days road trip
Salines beach, Martinique

Road trip in Martinique: 10 days

For this second example, I have concocted a road trip for you to visit Martinique by car in 10 days.

On the program of this 10-day road trip in Martinique:

  • Three Ilets
  • The route of the Trace
  • Saint Pierre
  • The bare mountain
  • The Caravelle peninsula
  • The most beautiful beaches in the south of the island
  • Boat trip.

You will find all the stages of this circuit in my detailed article. Read here: Ultimate 10-day itinerary in Martinique.

I’ll give you a summary below.

1) Fort de France (1 day)

We begin this 10-day road trip in Martinique quietly with the arrival and installation in the north of the island, towards Fort-de-France.

For this first day, take a short walk in the capital passing for example by the fish market and the spice market.

Also to do: visit Fort Saint-Louis and a walk in the central park.

2) Trois-Ilets (1 day)

For the second day, continue your discovery of the island by Trois-Ilets, which you can reach quickly with the maritime shuttle from Fort-de-France.

To do and see in Trois-Ilets:

  • La Savane des Esclaves, an eco-museum dedicated to the history of slavery
  • The Domaine de la Pagerie, the property where Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon 1st, was born
  • Meridian beach
  • L’Anse Mitan
  • Nautical activities: jet-skiing – kitesurfing – windsurfing – snorkeling excursion.
Martinique itinerary - 15 days road trip
The Savannah of Slaves

3) La route de la Trace / Saint Pierre (1 day)

On the third day of this 10-day road trip in Martinique, I suggest you get in the car to travel the Route de la Trace.

Considered one of the most beautiful on the island, it offers superb viewpoints and allows you to pass through several places of interest and small waterfalls. Everything is well indicated by signs along the road.

I also strongly advise you to stop and visit the Balata garden, which is really one of the essential visits to do during your stay in Martinique.

Then visit Saint-Pierre, the ancient capital destroyed by an eruption. Take a stroll around the town before heading to the nearby black sand beaches of volcanic origin .

15 days road trip in Martinique
Saint-Pierre, in Martinique

4) The ascent of Mount Pelée (1 day)

On the fourth day, a rather sporty program awaits you: the ascent of the Mount Pelée volcano.

The shortest and “easiest” route is the Aileron trail which is 7 km long and allows you to do the round trip in about 4 hours.

7 days road trip in Martinique
Mount Peel Volcano

5) Les Anses d’Arlet / Le Diamant (1 day)

You are halfway through your 10-day car tour in Martinique .

On this fifth day, I have planned for you the discovery of the South West of the island:

  • Anses d’Arlet and the beaches of Grande-Anse and Petite-Anse
  • Anse Noire beach where if you are lucky you can swim with the turtles
  • Cap 110, memorial to slavery
  • Le Diamant: its beach and its Rock to admire the sunset.

6) The Caravelle peninsula (1 day)

On the sixth day of your 10-day road trip in Martinique, head to the east of the island to discover the Caravelle peninsula.

A very nice place for its diversified landscapes and which you can explore on foot all around the peninsula.

In the afternoon, then pass by the fishing village of Tartane and relax at the beach or opt for a surf lesson.


In Tartane, I advise you to try the cuisine of the restaurant La Table de Mamy NounouDelicious typical dishes + terrace with view, you will tell me the news!

7) The South of the island (4 days)

For the seventh day, I suggest you go to the south of the island where you will spend the rest of your stay.

During this day, you can, for example, spend time on the 2 most famous beaches: Anse Figuier and Salines beach. In terms of visits, I recommend that of the Trois-Rivières distillery and the village of Sainte-Anne.

Eighth day – It’s time to do the 3rd hike of your vacation at the Savane des Pétrifications. And as a reward after the effort, then go to the Pointe Faula beach where it is possible to walk on the white bottoms.

On the ninth day of your road trip in Martinique, opt for one of the best activities: a boat trip! There are several very nice ones (click on the links to book):

  • A day to meet dolphins.
  • Mini snorkeling cruise and dolphin watching.
  • An outing in a racing trimaran with swimming and aperitif
  • A day on a sailboat around the islets of Robert
  • A private boat trip for a VIP outing.

The tenth day unfortunately marks the end of your 10-day Martinique road trip. It’s time to catch your return flight.


If you want to have  more details about this 10-day road trip, do not hesitate to consult our detailed article: 10-day itinerary in Martinique. 

You will also find our list of the  best accommodations for each stage.  You will see, planning your 9-10 day trip to Martinique is going to be very easy!

10 days road trip in Martinique
Take a boat trip in Martinique: unforgettable!

Road trip in Martinique: two weeks

For the lucky ones who have the possibility of leaving for 15 days of road trip, you will be able to visit the whole island.

You will find all the details to prepare this 2-week road trip in Martinique in my dedicated article: 15-day itinerary in Martinique.

So that you can get an idea, here is the summary of the different steps!

1) Fort de France (1 day)

To start this two-week Martinique road trip, the first day starts by visiting Fort-de-France:

  • The fish market
  • The spice market
  • Fort Saint Louis
  • The central park.

2) Trois-Ilets (1 day)

The second day, spend it in the lively seaside resort of Trois-Ilets which you will reach by boat from Fort-de-France.

Spend a morning visiting the Savane des Esclaves to discover the island’s slavery past, and the Domaine de la Pagerie, the birthplace of Joséphine de Beauharnais who married Napoleon 1st.

In the afternoon, relax at Anse Mitan or at Le Méridien beach. Many water activities are also offered, including jet-skiingwindsurfingkitesurfing and even a snorkeling excursion to admire the fish.

3) The Route de la Trace / Morne Rouge (1 day)

For the rest of your 15-day road trip in Martinique, I suggest a day on the Route de la Trace.

The most beautiful road on the island is about 30 km long and allows you to pass through magnificent landscapeswhile stopping to stroll at the places indicated by signs, such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

You will also visit the splendid botanical garden of Balata to admire the endemic species of the island and the West Indies.

Then continue this third day towards Morne-Rouge to discover the city and visit the Emerald Garden, which offers a 4 km walk in the forest.

road trip in Martinique
The garden of Balata, in Martinique

4) The ascent of Mount Pelée (1 day)

Dedicate the fourth day of your trip to Martinique to an emblematic hike: the ascent of Mount Pelee.

For this, I advise you to take the Aileron path, which is the easiest.

5) Le Carbet / Saint Pierre (1 day)

Here is the program of things to do on the fifth day:

  • Visit of the Carbet where the painter Paul Gauguin lived
  • Picnic on the Carbet beach
  • Discovery of the ancient capital: Saint-Pierre
  • Relax on the surrounding black sand beaches.
road trip Martinique
Sunset on the Carbet beach

6) Hiking (1 day)

Sixth day of this 2-week road trip in Martinique, we set off again on a hike.

I strongly advise you to do the one that goes from Anse Couleuvre to Grand’Rivière. An 18 km walk with passages in the middle of the forest and which takes about 6 hours of walking but which you will not see pass as the landscapes are so beautiful!

Please note, for the return trip, remember to book a boat shuttle at least 48 hours in advance which will take you back to your starting point. The tourist office manages reservations.

road trip Martinique - Martinique itinerary

7) The Cliff Gorges (1 day)

For the next day ( seventh day ), enjoy another of the island’s attractions: its many rivers.

For this, nothing beats a stroll along the water in the Gorges de la Falaise for the quiet version, or a canyoning descent for the slightly more sporty version!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there are plenty of places where you can practice this activity in complete safety:

  • Canyoning in the rainforest  with jumps, rappels and slides – 3 canyons to choose from – Beginner
  • Canyon of the Rivière Mitan,  in the northern part of the island – Beginner
  • Canyon de l’Alma or des Sœurs – Reserved for experienced athletes.

8) Les Anses d’Arlet / Le Diamant (1 day)

After this sequence of hiking and activities, the eighth day the program will be a little more relaxed.

Join the small village of Anses d’Arlet to enjoy its picturesque beaches: Grande-Anse, Petite-Anse or Anse Noire, an excellent snorkeling spot!

At the end of the day, after a stop at the Cap 110 memorial, take your other half to Diamond Beach, considered one of the most beautiful places to watch the sun go down.

9) The Caravelle peninsula (1 day)

It would be a shame to visit Martinique by car in 15 days without discovering the east of the island.

Today ( ninth day ), go to the Caravelle peninsula for a magnificent walk between mangroves, meadows and tropical forests. 

And as you will have well deserved, after the effort comes the comfort of relaxation at the beach. Leave for the village of Tartane and its quiet beaches.

10) The South of the island (6 days)

The second half of your two-week Martinique road trip will take place in the south of the island.

I have established a great day-to-day program for you so that you don’t miss any of the unmissable places and beaches in this part of the island:

  • Day 10 – Anse Figuier / Distillerie Trois-Rivières / Sainte-Anne / Plage des Salines which is the most beautiful on the island with its white sand and coconut palms
  • Eleventh day – Hike of the Savannah of Petrifications which takes you through marshes and desert plains + Swimming at Pointe Faula, famous for its white bottoms
road trip Martinique - Martinique itinerary
Petrification savannah hike, in Sainte-Anne

On the twelfth day, it’s time to embark on a great boat trip! In Martinique, there is something for everyone:

  • Meet the dolphins with a snorkeling session + lunch included – Full day
  • Half-Day Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling
  • Watch and swim with sea turtles
  • Trimaran cruise with swimming + lunch and aperitif
  • Day on a sailboat + snorkeling + paddle + stop on Chancel Island which is home to the endemic iguanas of the Lesser Antilles.

On the thirteenth and fourteenth day, you can alternate between beaches (Cap Macré, Grand Macabou), hikes and last souvenir purchases in the craft shops of the Village de la Poterie.

Fifteenth day – Farewell Martinique!


And don’t forget, this road trip is detailed in our article: Recommended 15-Day Martinique Itinerary.

You will find there  all our advice  as well as  our selection of the best accommodation  for each stage according to your budget!

Where to stay in Martinique during your road trip?

With my recommended itineraries depending on the length of your stay, you now know what to do and what to see during your road trip in Martinique.

I have already addressed the question of car rental but there is still an essential step to finish preparing your circuit in Martinique: book your accommodation.

Here too, I have decided to make your task easier by selecting for you the best accommodations to stay in Martinique, classified according to your budget.

They are listed in the itineraries articles I told you about previously but I also give them to you below.

Regardless of the duration of your road trip in Martinique, I advise you to take accommodation (Hotel / B&B / Apartment) in the North of the island (Towards Fort-de-France, Le Carbet) for the 1st part of the vacation and a second in the South (Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Luce) for the rest of the stay.

The best accommodations in the North of Martinique:

  • Center International de Séjour Youth hostel : Located 10 minutes from Fort-de-France. Room with twin beds from €75, breakfast included. Most: free private parking, hearty breakfast.
  • Residence Fort Savane: Located next to the park. Modern and well-equipped double room from €130. The pluses: the welcome, the cleanliness, the location if you want to stay in the city center.
  • Karibea La Valmenière Hotel: Located in the business district. Spacious and well-equipped double room from €135 per night, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the very pleasant staff, the location.
  • Apolline: Guest house located on the heights of Fort-de-France and offering tastefully decorated rooms and suites, from €150, breakfast included. Most: the magnificent setting, the swimming pool, the breathtaking view
  • HOTEL PELICAN: Located 4 km from the center of Fort-de-France, in one of the best areas of the city. Super spacious and bright double room with balcony and for some sea view, from 150€, breakfast at 18€. Most: the swimming pool, the sea view, the quality of the welcome, the location. It is our favorite for its price/performance ratio in Martinique!
  • Simon Hotel: Located 6 minutes walk from the beach and 500 meters from the covered market. Modern and warm double room, tastefully decorated, from €190, breakfast €15. Most: the decoration of the rooms, the geographical location, the welcome at the top. This is our recommendation for a romantic stay in Martinique.

The best hotels in the South of Martinique:

  • Village Pierre & Vacances – Sainte Luce:  Located by the sea, in Sainte-Luce. Very spacious studio with kitchenette equipped with a microwave oven and hotplates and private terrace, from €60, breakfast at €16. The pluses: the large swimming pool, the beach next door, the exteriors, the activities on offer.  It is our favorite for its performance / price ratio in Martinique.
  • Brise Marine:  Located facing the sea, in Sainte-Luce. Bungalow with kitchen and private terrace with sea and garden view from €90. Most: the personalized welcome, the magnificent setting, the superb view, the location.
  • Hotel-Restaurant La Dunette:  Located by the sea, in Sainte-Anne. Colorful and bright double room with sea view from €95, breakfast included. The pluses: the view, the pontoon fitted out for relaxing, the evenings with musical entertainment.
  • Hôtel Douce Vague: Located on the edge of Sainte-Luce beach. Apartment with kitchenette and terrace from €130. Most: access to the beach, cleanliness, calm.
  • Eden Paradise Spa Ecolodge:  Located 10 minutes from the beach, in Sainte-Luce. Comfortable and quiet bungalow, some with a jacuzzi, from €230 per night, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, the silence, the setting, the zen atmosphere. This is our recommendation for a romantic stay in the South of Martinique.

The seaside resort of Trois-Ilets also offers a few options:

  • Hotel La Pagerie: located 5 minutes walk from the beach of Anse-Mitan. Modern and spacious double room with balcony from €160, breakfast at €20. Most: the beautiful garden, the large swimming pool, the good breakfast.
  • Hotel Bambou: located at Anse-Mitant. Room located in small Creole-type bungalows, from €230 with breakfast and dinner included. Most: the swimming pool, the private car park, on the seafront.
road trip Martinique - things to do in Martinique
Simon Hotel – Where to sleep in Martinique?

When to go on a road trip in Martinique?

Wondering when is the best time to do a road trip in Martinique?

Here is a small inventory of the weather according to the seasons:

  • The dry season which runs from December to April is the best time to visit Martinique by car.

Be careful though, dry season does not mean that there is no precipitation, you will still have a 50% chance of dealing with rain during your trip to Martinique.

Also note that the high tourist season on the island corresponds to the months of December and January. If you are traveling during this period, try to book your plane tickets and especially your accommodation well in advance, as soon as you have the dates for your road trip in Martinique.

If you want more tranquility, February and March are to be preferred.

  • The rainy season extends from May to November.

During this period, it can rain a lot. For example, in August, it is not uncommon for rain to come 75% of the time.

On the other hand, 2 good news: the temperatures remain as pleasant as during the dry season and the prices of accommodation are more advantageous. For those who like hiking, it is also the best place to enjoy green nature.

A small additional warning, the months of August, September and October correspond to the hurricane season.

And you, what did you plan to see during your road trip in Martinique?

Discover all our articles on Martinique: all articles on Martinique are listed here.

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