Itinerary: One Week in Andalucia: 6, 7 or 8 Days of Dream – 2018

A week in Andalucia: what to do in 6, 7 or 8 days?

You have chosen to visit Andalucia in 7 days? Great idea!

Climate, cultural and historical wealth, proximity to France … good reasons are not lacking to go on a week – long tour of Andalucia.

Only 2 hours flight and with round trips at very attractive prices (only 50 € early June for example), it is the ideal destination for a small trip or road trip of a few days.

To help you discover Andalucia, you have concocted a itinerary of 6, 7 or 8 days very friendly, to make the most of the charms of this region. Tested and approved by BonAdvisor beginning of June this year under overwhelming heat. And yes, we suffer for you!

So, what to do and see in Andalucia in 1 week?

We will take you away for a week to discover SevilleCordobaRonda, Arcos and CadizNot bad for a week right?

Day 1-2: Seville

It is impossible for us not to start this one-week itinerary in Andalucia through Seville, the capital.

Be aware that when booking your ticket, you can also choose to land in Malaga, another city in Andalucia also well served by low-cost airlines. It will depend on your itinerary, but if like us, this is the first time in Andalucia, we advise you to start with Seville.

For the first part of this recommended itinerary, no need to rent a car, you will not have any use in Seville. Save yourself unnecessary costs and parking galleys. To reach the city center (as in all major cities), take the bus in front of the airport  : one every ½ hour, 40 minutes of journey for 4 €.

Depending on your arrival time, usually in the early afternoon, the time to take the bus and settle in your home, you will not have much time to discover the city so you can take the opportunity to do a walk in the neighborhoods around your accommodation or just refresh yourself by the pool (if you have the chance to have one and we highly recommend it).

After a good night’s sleep, start your first full day of exploring the city.

And of course, we recommend you first to go to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Seville, not quite at last, because there are 2 tips to avoid the queue. You have already heard about it in our article on the must-see things to see in Seville, but hey, if you have not read it yet (I forgive you for this time!), We’ll tell you again here.

Here’s how to avoid the huge queue to visit Seville Cathedral.

  1. You can buy a coup de ligne ticket on the internet: It’s fast and easy, you can buy it by clicking here or there for a guided tour
  2. The alternative is to go to the Iglesia Colegial San Salvadore located 10 minutes walk from the cathedral for 11am (opening time) and buy a combined ticket (which will serve you as a skip ticket) with the cathedral . It’s not more expensive than a ticket bought directly at the cathedral and you will be able to pass in front of everyone .

Then count 1:30 to 2 hours of visit to discover the wonders of the cathedral and climb to the top of the Giralda .

the Giralda

Leaving the cathedral, take a tour of the Indian archives, located next door. The interior of the building is worth the detour, entry is free and it will take you only 1/4 of an hour.

Then take the time to discover the district of Santa Cruz around the cathedral, which is the historic district of Seville. You can stroll through the charming pedestrian streets and admire a beautiful view of the cathedral from the banderas patio plaza .

It is also in Santa Cruz that you will find a wide choice of bars and restaurants, since after these visits, it will finally be time (Spanish) to restore you.

After the lunch break, go to the famous square of Spain, which you have probably seen many times in cover photo of all your Facebook friends who went to Seville. Despite this, you will not fail to be impressed by its beauty and grandeur. I repeat it here but it is the most beautiful place I have seen in my life, without a doubt a must to visit in Andalucia in 7 days.

You can go around, admire the azulejo benches representing the Spanish provinces and climb on a terrace to enjoy a view encompassing the entire square.

After this discovery in full sun, we advise you to walk in the Maria Luisa Park, located just in front of the square. With its fountains, ponds and shaded paths, you can refresh and enjoy a little peace .

Do not hesitate to push to the end of the park, to the plaza america and if you wish you can also take the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum or the museum of arts and popular customs that are around.

Then it will be time to give in the aperitif and tasting of tapas accompanied by a good glass of sangria.

The sublime Spanish Steps of Seville

For this second day in Seville, we invite you to visit the 2nd monument, the Alcazar. You must have noticed the day before, it is located next to the cathedral.

The best is to get there at the opening time or to take a fast-track ticket on the internet, if you want to avoid the wait that can sometimes be long and unsustainable in full sun. You will then be able to discover this magnificent palace of Arab and Moorish style, residence of the king of Spain during his stays in Seville.

Also included is the visit of the Alcazar gardens. The place with the gardens is very extensive and the visit will take you easily all the morning.

Then enjoy a welcome lunch break.

For the afternoon, you can plan a visit to the Casa de Pilatos, also located in the district of Santa Cruz. This aristocratic palace will impress you with its huge patio and its beautiful, well-kept gardens.

Following the program a little quieter with the choice to ride in Seville to discover its charming alleys or refreshing break at the pool of your accommodation.

In the late afternoon, do not miss the Metropol Parasol. This atypical architectural construction has been the subject of much criticism but it is undeniably at the top of the building that you will find the best panoramic view of the whole city of Seville .

The best being to be there for the sunset. And besides, it’s a great deal because the entry costs just € 3 and for this price, you will be offered a glass of wine or soda in the coffee at the top of these giant mushrooms.

To end the day in style, why not attend a flamenco show . I highly recommend the Flamenco Museum, it’s the best in town! You can reserve your place by clicking here.

To stay in Seville

  • Black Swan Hostel : Hostel located 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral and the Alcazar. Bed in dormitory very design and contemporary from 17 € per night, breakfast included! Most: quiet, very friendly staff, free dinners cooked by volunteers. We highly recommend this property if you are looking for a hostel.
  • Hotel Don Paco : Located in the center of Seville 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral. Spacious room and comfortable bedding from 60 € per night, breakfast 10 €. Goodies: excellent breakfast, quiet and rooftop pool. Our favorite for his report benefits / price.
  • Hotel Fernando III : Located in the historic district of Santa Cruz and therefore close to the Cathedral and the Alcazar. Modern and spacious room from 106 € per night, breakfast included. Most: the excellent location, the pool on the roof, the staff very helpful. You only go 1 week in Andalucia, so please enjoy the best hotel!
  • EME Catedral Hotel: Located right next to Seville Cathedral and the Giralda. Double room very modern and design from 180 € per night, breakfast 20 €. Most: the fabulous location, the design of the hotel, the pool overlooking the cathedral, the varied breakfast and quality. Do not hesitate, this is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Seville! 
A patio of the Alcazar of Seville

Day 3: Cordoba

For this third full day of your road trip in Andalucia, you can choose to stay in Seville if you want to discover a little more or go to Cordoba, option we have chosen because Cordoba is very easily accessible from Seville and we do not We did not want to miss this city on our itinerary.

To get there, there is still no need to rent a car, just take the train that connects Seville to Cordoba several times a day in just 40 minutes. We advise you to take your tickets in advance on the internet to be able to choose your schedules.

In Cordoba you will arrive at the train station, located about fifteen minutes walk from the historic center. Inside is an information center from which you can get a map of the city to facilitate your visit. Little anecdote: leaving the station, we took the wrong direction and walked more than half an hour before we see it so do not rush and check well before you start.

To reach the city center you will cross a park that will lead you directly to the Almodovar Gate, the entrance to Juderia, the historic Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Take time to walk through the alleys and then go to the Mezquita or mosque-cathedral, the emblematic monument of Cordoba. The visit will impress you with its multiple two-tone arcades and the grandeur of the place. The monument is very beautiful.

The arches of the Mezquita, Cordoba

For your lunch, go to one of the 2 largest squares in the city that concentrate restaurants, cafes and ice creamPlaza de Tendillas or Plaza de la Corredera. Do not hesitate to go see them all 2 anyway, they are totally different.

In the afternoon program, we advise you to walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir until you reach the bridge gate and the Roman bridge that crosses it. On the other side of the bridge, you will enjoy a nice panorama of the mosque and the Alcazar. This is also where the Calahorra tower is located. If it is open, you can visit the Al-Andalus Museum inside and climb to the top to enjoy the view of the bridge.

Then cross the bridge to discover the second famous monument of Cordoba, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. Big favorite for its beautiful gardens and much more beautiful (in my opinion) than those of the Alcazar of Seville. With its shaded paths, beautiful fountains and flower beds the place really invites relaxation and a break in the shade.

Besides, we took the opportunity to wait quietly for the hour of our train back in its gardens.

Depending on your time of return, you can then visit one of the other places to see in Cordoba. You will find the list of things to do on our article about Cordoba .

But for us it was already time to take the train back and return for our last night in Seville.

To fully enjoy your visit to Cordoba, I highly recommend you book a guided tour of the Mezquita and the Alcazar of Christian kings.They are in English or Spanish and the guides are great! You can book them in advance here:

The Alcazar of Cordoba

Day 4-5: Ronda / Arcos de la Frontera

For the fourth day of this week – long itinerary in Andalucia, it becomes necessary to rent a car to visit other parts of the region. We chose to rent our car at Seville airport so we could bring it back to the same place on the day of departure and avoid additional rental fees.

Rental agencies are also present at the station or downtown but it is less convenient for the return before your flight.

Once recovered our racing car, in this case a fiat 500 brand new, we take the road for our first two days: Ronda.

1h45 later we arrived in Ronda, one of the most visited villages of Andalucia and for good reason, it is clinging to a rocky promontory dug by the Guadalevin river over the years. Tourists come for the many views it offers on the valley and especially for its spectacular bridge over the river. I recognize that it is quite impressive and the opportunity for me to take some pictures.

See also in Ronda:

  • The arenas
  • The Mondragon Palace
  • The puerta of Almocabar
  • The Plaza del Socorro

Find all the information on places to visit in Ronda in our article: What to do in Ronda?

To rent your car, I recommend you to go through, which allows you to compare prices between different rental companies. It’s the best way to save money!You can also take the opportunity to take their “Full Protection” insurance that will cover you in case of problems with the car. It is much cheaper and more efficient than the ones that sellers are selling to you! (They have already refunded me more than 1300 euros following various scams of renters).

It is clearly the best car rental comparator, I highly recommend you put it in your favorites! Click here to go to the website

The white village of Ronda

Then we take the car to reach Arcos de la Frontera where our accommodation for the night. From Ronda to Arcos de la Frontera, you will take the itinerary of the white villages, so called because it crosses several small villages with whitewashed houses and hung on hillsides or mountains.

The opportunity for us and for you, if you take the same itinerary, to take several small breaks to admire them. Personally we stopped at Zahara de la Sierra, one of the most famous white villages. At the foot of the village, do not miss a stop at the lake with the beautiful blue color and why not a walk around. Then drive up the village to take a walk through its cobbled streets and admire the typical houses.

the white village of Zahara de la Sierra, in Andalucia

We return to the car for about 1 hour drive to Arcos and our place of residence for the next 2 nights. We booked on Booking at “el fogon del duende”, a bed and breakfast located just at the foot of Arcos de la Frontera, another typical white Andalucian village.

I can only advise you: it is located in the countryside, the rooms are large, clean, air conditioned and well decorated with each a private terrace. The owners are lovely and serve a super good homemade breakfast!

By cons, to find it I advise you to follow the instructions of the owner to the letter because it is not easy and your GPS will probably not find it alone. Positive plus that should you decide to go there: 5 minutes by car, is the best restaurant we ate during our stay of 1 week, “the posada del duende” .

Go ahead with your eyes closed and enjoy for a price more than correct. We went there for 2 evenings in a row.

The room of the Posada del Duende, overlooking Arcos de la Frontera at sunset.

On this 5th day, enjoy a bit of nature and do like us, go for a mini hike. It would be a shame not to enjoy it because Arcos de la Frontera is located only 30 minutes from the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, entry point for several hikes of various levels.

At the beginning of June, many trails were closed and prohibited because of the high fire potential in this region. We chose the hike “el rio majaceite” which starts in the village “El Bosque”. You will have no trouble finding the information center and the start is at the first roundabout, on the right when you arrive.

It is a beautiful 4h round trip, easy since almost flat all the time, along the majaceite river. The walk is in the shade and you can swim or at least soak your feet (the water is cold) all along the ride. We went on a Sunday, and from what we saw it was a popular place for locals to have family picnics.

Plan a lot of water and eat because there is nothing between departure and arrival and even in the shade and refreshing regularly, we had very very hot.

In the afternoon, pick up the car, direction Arcos for a visit of the village. Of course not much open on this Sunday, but still some cafes and restaurants at the top of the village. To visit the village on foot, follow the “ruta del monument” which will take you past the churches and the castle of Arcos .

Then good luck to leave the village and go back by car. It is indeed a little complicated to circulate with the many forbidden senses and streets in one direction which are in addition a little narrow for some. I admit that we have a little galley (even with a GPS) and we had to go back to it several times.

To stay in Arcos de la Frontera

  • El Fogon del Duende Bed and Breakfast : An excellent choice of accommodation in Arcos, from 45 € per night.
  • Hotel Los Olivos: Located at the entrance of the old town of Arcos, in an old typical Andalucian house. Double room comfortable and pleasant from 90 € per night, breakfast included. The most: the view from the roof terrace, breakfast in the patio, excellent hospitality.
  • Parador de Arcos de la Frontera: Located in the historical center of Arcos. Double room quiet and spacious from 120 € per night, breakfast 17 €. Most: the incredible view of the Andalucian countryside, the traditional style of the hotel, the exceptional location.
Basílica of Santa Maria de la Asunción of Arcos de la Frontera

Day 6: Cadiz

For this 6th day in Andalucia, we leave Arcos, Cadiz direction, last leg of this itinerary, located about 1 hour drive. If you have chosen to visit Andalucia in 6 days, it is time for you to return to Seville airport!

For the lucky ones who have 7 or 8 days, we continue!

The arrival to Cadiz is done by borrowing the impressive bridge of the Constitution which is one of the highest maritime bridges of the world.

You can then park in one of the underground car parks of the city, the most convenient being the one located near the port. You can not miss it is the first you will see when arriving near the old town.

Start your visit by going through Plaza San Juan de Dios to then reach the Roman Theater. You can enter, the visit is free and will not take you long. Then join the most famous monument of the city: its cathedral with its golden dome. You can even climb to the top of one of its steeples.

Then head to the market of Cadiz, if you have a little hunger it is the ideal place to find something to enjoy.

To digest, take the campo del Sur that will take you straight to San Sebastian Castle. The opportunity for a beautiful walk by the sea. If you wish you can also swim on the beach of La Caleta located next door. Make a passage through the other fort of Cadiz, the castle of San Catalina to walk on the ramparts.

Then head for the greenery, the shade and the calm at Parc Genoves and Alameda Apocada Park. The 2 are located by the sea, one after the other. You can sit on the many benches and enjoy the fountains.

Finally, end this day with the Spanish Steps of Cadiz and its famous monument of the constitution.

To stay in Cadiz

  • Cadiz Inn Backpackers : Hostel located 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral. Bed in dormitory from 14 € per night. Most: its roof terrace and the reception staff.
  • Hotel La Catedral : As the name suggests it is located right next to the Cathedral. Modern and elegant room from 60 € per night, including breakfast. Most: big favorite for the rooftop terrace with outdoor pool and breathtaking views of the cathedral! This is our heart stroke for its benefit / price ratio.
  • Parador de Cadiz : Located in front of the ocean and 5 minutes walk from the beach of La Caleta. Very nice modern and bright room from 138 € per night, breakfast included. Goodies: outdoor pool with nice views, quality of service, well-equipped rooms, original and modern architecture. To have a little fun or if you have a budget travel consequent.

For this last evening, you can choose to sleep in Cadiz, see accommodation list above, or choose to spend the night in one of the surrounding villages to get closer to Seville. We chose to sleep in El Puerto de Santa Maria, at the Los Jandalos apartments and we were not disappointed.

For € 80 a night, we had a very large apartment for 4 people with, it is important to specify, 2 toilets :-P. And not insignificant we were finally able to enjoy a pool!

After this last night, it will be time for you to return to Seville airport to catch your return flight!

If you have planned an 8-day trip to Andalucia, you can add one more day to the Seville and:

1) The most motivated of you can make a day trip to Granada. There is about 3h of road (3h15 by train) between the 2 cities, but it is feasible! Just leave early (I advise you to 6h-6h30morning, to enjoy it!). You will have time to visit the Alhambra and the historic center for example.

There are also organized tours to Granada from Seville (by bus). You can reserve one by clicking here.

2) Take a day trip to Doñana National Park with a guided tour. It is the largest natural park in Spain! It is hard enough to go there by its own means and you will not have the right to visit everything, so it is really better to opt for a tour organized in 4 × 4.

You can book a 4 × 4 tour of the Doñana National Park from Seville by clicking here.

3) If you are more urban or traveling with children, you may also enjoy a day more in the city of Seville.

The Cathedral of Cadiz

One week budget in Andalucia

Now that you know what to do and see in 7 days in Andalucia, let’s talk about a little budget:

To give you an idea of ​​the cost of a week-long stay in Andalucia, here is what we have cost:

  • Accommodation for 2 for a week : 350 €
  • Transport for 2 (flight + train Seville – Cordoba + car rental) : 385 €
  • Visits for 2 : 85 €
  • Food for 2 : 240 €

Total for one week for 2 : 1060 €

I hope this gives you an idea for your 6, 7 or 8 day tour.

A week in Andalucia: our impressions

This week in Andalucia, we will particularly remember the wealth of historical monuments and the beauty of the landscapes traveled.

In a week we had plenty of time to explore Seville, Cordoba, some white villages and Cadiz. For us, CordobaCadiz and Zahara de la Sierra were the 3 beautiful surprises of this stay.

Anyway, what is certain is that we will return to visit Granada and the Andalucian coast!

And you, what have you planned to visit during your 7 days in Andalucia?

Are you going to Spain? To read also

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Itinerary: One Week in Andalucia: 6, 7 or 8 Days of Dream – 2018
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