Best time to visit Antibes France

When is the best time to visit Antibes?
Here are some facts to help you in your decision:

Antibes has a warm Mediterranean climate with dry summer (Csa) according to the Köppen-Geiger classification. The average annual temperature in Antibes is 16.3 ° C, and the precipitation averages 681.6 mm .

For comparison in Tokyo , the average annual temperature is 15.9 ° C and the average rainfall is 1525.6 mm .

  • The best time to visit Antibes are May, June, July, August, September
  • On average, the hottest months are July and August
  • The coldest months are January and February
  • The rainiest months are November and December
  • The most favorable months for swimming are June, July, August and September

The climate of Antibes

In the month of July , the average temperature is 25.3 ° C . July is thus the hottest month of the year. Januaryis the coldest month of the year. The average temperature is 9.1 ° C at this time.

The heat record is 35 ° C recorded on Monday 31 July 1989 and the cold record of -6 ° C recorded on Wednesday, 9 January 1985.

Best time to visit Antibes France – 2018
Best time to visit Antibes France – 2018

Climate chart

Month Mean temp Average temp.
min / max
Record of
min / max temperatures
Precipitation Number of days with rain Our opinion
January 9 6/12 -6 / 17 78 4 Not very favorable
February 9 6/12 -6 / 22 65 5 Not very favorable
March 12 8/15 1 / 22 58 5 Not very favorable
April 14 10/17 -3 / 22 68 6 Not very favorable
May 17 13/21 5 / 28 55 5 Very favorable
June 21 16/24 9 / 31 33 3 Very favorable
July 25 20/29 13 / 35 11 1 Very favorable
August 25 20/29 13 / 34 19 2 Very favorable
September 22 18/26 10 / 30 30 3 Very favorable
October 18 14/21 7 / 28 148 6 Possible
November 13 10/16 1 / 21 66 5 Not very favorable
December 10 7/13 0 / 21 52 3 Not very favorable

About the climate

The town of Antibes, known for its marine park and dolphinarium, enjoys a Mediterranean-type climate. It is indeed bordered by the Mediterranean, which positively influences its climatic conditions. Thus, the summers are hot and dry, with beautiful days bright and sunny, while in winter, mild temperatures, which rarely fall below 8 ° C, promotes a pleasant lifestyle. As for the transition seasons, they allow you to enjoy the good weather early, or to continue to enjoy the pleasures of the summer holidays until October.

Climate in spring in Antibes

Spring, which runs from the end of March to the beginning of September, sees the gradual improvement of climatic conditions. Not only the temperatures, continuing to climb, favor a pleasant heat, in the middle of the day but, thanks to the regression of the precipitations, the beautiful sunny days allow the impatient vacationers to frequent the beaches at the edge of the sea, from the last days of May.

Best time to visit Antibes France – 2018
Best time to visit Antibes France – 2018

Climate in summer in Antibes

Antibes has seen a sharp rise in the number of visitors during the summer season from mid-June to the end of September. In addition to holidaymakers from nearby cities such as Marseille or Toulon, there are also visitors from Paris or even neighboring countries such as Italy , who prefer this destination under the clemency of the climate in Antibes.

Climate in autumn in Antibes

In October, although the heat is still at the rendezvous in the middle of the day, morning temperatures cool off quickly. Thus, in November, in addition to the coolness of the atmosphere, we must expect a weather in Antibes, relatively rainy. The autumn in Antibes, which corresponds to the period between October and mid-December, is wet.

Winter weather in Antibes

Like cities like Fréjus or Monaco , which enjoy a Mediterranean climate, winter in Antibes is mild. It is rare to see snowfall even if they are not to be excluded. In general, the minimum temperatures remain around 8 ° C, winter is also recognized by the low sun.

The climate month by month

  • Between the months of january and february the climate is not good . For example, the temperature in February is 13 ° Celsius and you can expect 82mm of precipitation for this period.
  • In march the climate is not good, but still OK . At noon it averages 15 degrees.
  • Between the months of april and july the climate is good . the thermometer climbs up to 30 ° and it rains about 29% of the time in July.
  • In august the climate is very good . The record temperature this month is 35 ° C and you can expect 26mm of precipitation / month during this time.
  • Between the months of september and november the climate is very good . The temperature rises to 18 ° and in November, 8 days of rain are forecast.
  • In december the climate is correct . the thermometer climbs up to 14 °.

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