5 paradise islands for a dream holiday – 2018

Who has not dreamed of going on vacation on a paradise island? Deserted island populated with coconut palms, turquoise sea as far as the eye can see and you, lying on a deckchair, juices freshly squeezed by hand …

Whether they are a few hours from here or at the other end of the world, discover our top 5 paradise islands for a dream vacation !


The closest to paradise islands? The Cyclades! No need to go far to escape and enjoy a change of scenery: just 4 hours by plane from Paris, the Cyclades are a destination that combines cultural visits and idleness. Colorful hillside villages, dream hotels and idyllic coves: the Cyclades archipelago brings together all the elements for a successful sun holiday !

Santorini , Mykonos , Naxos or Milos : these paradise islands are particularly coveted from April to October. So you can enjoy the good weather of the Cyclades well after the summer holidays.

Need to escape ? Know that the Cyclades are not the only paradise islands in the area. The south of Crete for example is beautiful and you can find there secluded beaches with a turquoise blue water, almost transparent. For history buffs, the north remains a real cradle of remains and archaeological sites. So do not hesitate and indulge in the beauty and richness of the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.

The Dominican Republic

Who says Caribbean Sea, said sun, white sand beaches, warm and transparent sea but especially relax under the coconut trees … and the Dominican Republic is no exception to the rule! Perhaps the most tropical of our top 5 paradise islands, the Dominican Republic offers you an ideal idyllic setting to rest. 

Although it is especially famous for its ideal setting, the island also reserves beautiful surprises for those who are thirsty for culture . Its stretches of white sand beach, make it a privileged haunt of lovers and families.

By venturing into the land, you can also discover Peak Duarte, the highest summit of the Caribbean culminating at 3,087 meters above sea level: a little more for lovers of hiking!

Direction Dominican Republic


This island is a real little paradise! Located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, this is the perfect setting to escape the French winter as the temperature varies throughout the year between 20 ° C and 35 ° C depending on the region.

Holidays in love or with friends, it is the relaxation assured around the lagoon which borders the coast of the island; its turquoise water makes this place even more pleasant, especially if you go discover the small coves surrounding.

Mauritius is also an ideal destination for diving or snorkeling! And to discover the charms of the Mauritian culture, go to the market of Port Louis, the capital of the island, where a real explosion of smells and colors awaits you!

Search a flight to Mauritius


Bali, the aptly named “island of the gods”, is a place that breathes calm and fullness! Known for its culture, beauty and exoticism, this island in Southeast Asia remains relatively small! With its 5,600 km², it is full of treasures that deserve to be admired.

Almost every house on the island has a temple: religion occupies a very important place in the life of the Balinese, the only Hindu of Indonesia. For snow sports enthusiasts (or the more adventurous), know that Bali is also a haven for surfers from around the world! If the high tourist season in Bali is between July and August, know that the island remains paradise (almost) throughout the year.

I’m going on vacation to Bali!


A must for holidaymakers in search of exceptional panoramas, the Seychelles archipelago is a true life-size aquarium ! Lovers of unspoiled nature, you will have the opportunity to discover a fauna like you’ve never seen elsewhere: giant tortoises, many species of birds and a submarine world just waiting to be explored!

Less than 10 hours flight from Paris, you will enjoy an idyllic setting with beaches as far as the eye can see that make Seychelles famous. They are mostly desert and their access is often only by boat, a detail that will delight lovers of paradise islands!

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